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From Self-Taught to Hyper Island: Advancing My Frontend Journey

Hey hey, Dev community! I’m Elena, and this is my very first post here.

I’ve never really been into blogging, but lately, I’ve felt the urge to jot down some of my thoughts.

The world of frontend development always fascinated me, and I’ve spent countless hours learning and experimenting on my own. However, since August, I’ve decided to take my passion a step further by enrolling at a school in Stockholm called Hyper Island (akin to a vocational college or “yrkenhögskola” in Swedish).

It’s this new chapter in my life that has propelled me to share my journey. Honestly, before Hyper Island, while I was passionate about frontend, I didn’t have as many noteworthy experiences to share.

My aim is to document the things I’ve learned, both independently and at Hyper Island, and to accumulate my thoughts in this space.

This blog is primarily for me — a place to reflect and grow. But I hope that my experiences and insights might resonate with some of you out there.

_A new chapter, but the story of passion continues.
P.S. I’d appreciate any feedback on my portfolio and GitHub repository.
Your insights and critiques will help me grow and improve. Thanks in advance!

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