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When you think there is no time for learning || coding - Covalence Conference 2020

Eleftheria Batsou
⌨Front-end developer, UX enthusiast & content/youtube creator 🙆Here to share my passion && transfer/receive knowledge Loves to: ✈️🍪💃
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👋Hello, I'm Eleftheria, an app developer, master student, content creator, and chocolate lover

This video is my talk in San Fransisco, USA at Covalence 2020.

Covalence was held on the 24th of January at the Slack HQ 500 Howard St.

✈️Vlog at San Fransisco

~ Thank you Felix Rieseberg for the invitation ~
~ Thank you to all the people helping to organize this beautiful event ~
~ To the audience, the volunteers, the catering company, Slack and the sponsors you all deserve a big --💓🤗

😎Top 3 list:

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