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Scale Web Scraping Using a Real Browser with Built-in Proxies and Web Unblockers


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Web scraping is an essential tool for developers, data analysts, and researchers to extract information from public web data. However, web scraping can be a challenging and time-consuming task due to various hurdles such as captchas, user agent blocking, and IP blocking.

I recently asked on Twitter:

After reading your answers, opinions, and suggestions I came to write this article!

In this article, we'll discuss the key issues faced by developers during web scraping, the solutions to these problems, and how Bright Data's Scraping Browser is the superior solution.

Issues Faced by Developers When Scraping Public Web Data 👀

  1. Captchas: Websites often use captchas to prevent automated access and protect their content from web scrapers. These captchas can be difficult and time-consuming to bypass.

  2. User agent blocking: Some websites restrict access based on the user agent string. Scrapers need to mimic different user agents to blend in with regular browser traffic.

  3. IP blocking: Websites might block IP addresses if they suspect automated web scraping. Changing IP addresses frequently and using proxies can help overcome this issue, but it requires additional setup and management.

  4. Proxy network setup: Establishing a reliable proxy network can be complex, requiring setup, rotation, load balancing, and error handling.

  5. Resource: Web scraping can be resource-intensive, involving substantial developer time and infrastructure expenses for large-scale projects.

The Solution Bright Data's Scraping Browser 😇

Bright Data's Scraping Browser simplifies and streamlines the web scraping process by offering a comprehensive solution to the challenges mentioned above. It provides developers with a powerful tool that can seamlessly extract data from websites without the need for complex configurations.

Key Benefits of the Scraping Browser API

  1. Easy integration: The Scraping Browser API is designed for easy integration with your existing web scraping projects, streamlining the setup process and getting you up and running quickly.

  2. Puppeteer and Playwright compatibility: The API is compatible with both Puppeteer and Playwright, two popular browser automation libraries, giving you the flexibility to use the tools you're already familiar with.

  3. Advanced functionality: The Scraping Browser API offers advanced features such as automatic captcha handling, user agent rotation, and proxy management, making it a powerful and comprehensive solution for web scraping.

  4. Handles dynamic content: The API can efficiently extract data from websites with dynamic content, such as those using AJAX or JavaScript, enabling you to scrape complex web pages that traditional web scraping methods might struggle with.

  5. Resource management: The Scraping Browser API manages resources such as proxies and user agents, allowing you to focus on the actual data extraction and analysis, rather than spending time and effort on resource management tasks.

Tutorial Video 🎥

Get started with Bright Data's Scraping Browser by watching this tutorial video:

Use Case: Monitoring Stock Availability on Retail Websites

In this scenario, a developer is tasked with monitoring stock availability for specific products across various retail websites. These websites frequently use JavaScript rendering and AJAX to display stock information, posing a challenge for traditional web scraping methods.

The Scraping Browser API proves beneficial as it efficiently handles JavaScript rendering and AJAX content. By automating browser interactions, it navigates through retail websites, loads dynamic content, and extracts stock availability information for the target products.

Leveraging the data extracted by the Scraping Browser API, developers can support informed decision-making about product inventory, pricing, and marketing strategies. Additionally, the API's compatibility with Puppeteer and Playwright makes it an ideal solution for developers already acquainted with those browser automation libraries.

Here is what it looks like under the hood:

Amazon - To scrape the title and price from an Amazon product page using Bright Data's Scraping Browser

To scrape the title and price from an Amazon product page using Bright Data's Scraping Browser, follow these steps:

  1. Import the necessary modules: Import ScraperBrowser from brightdata_scraper_browser and requests.

  2. Define a function scrape_amazon(url) to scrape the title and price from the Amazon product page.

  3. Initialize the ScraperBrowser with your Bright Data token.

  4. Navigate to the Amazon product page using the scraper_browser.navigate(url) method.

  5. Extract the title and price elements using CSS selectors with scraper_browser.find_element_by_css_selector().

  6. Get the text content of the title and price elements by calling the text_content() method and then use strip() to remove any extra whitespace.

  7. Return the title and price.

  8. Call the scrape_amazon(url) function with the Amazon product page URL and print the scraped title and price.

What Developers Are Saying About The Scraping Browser 🤓

"The Scraping Browser has made my life so much easier. I no longer have to worry about captchas, IP blocking, or user agent blocking. It's the ultimate web scraping tool." - John, Web Developer

"I've tried many different web scraping tools, but nothing compares to Bright Data's Scraping Browser. It's fast, efficient, and incredibly easy to use." - Samantha, Data Analyst


To overcome the challenges of web scraping and streamline your data extraction process, give Bright Data's Scraping Browser a try. Its powerful features and user-friendly interface make it the superior solution for web scraping needs. With Bright Data's Scraping Browser, you can focus on what matters most - extracting valuable data from the web with ease and efficiency.

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