🤗Review 16: Social Network for students, Developer: Harunn | #elefDoesCode

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  1. Every week I will do a live stream on my youtube channel reviewing your site
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Take part here (I only need a URL and your name).

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or more advanced.
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It takes courage to let someone you don't know to review your work...
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🤓The developer: Harun| twitter: @harunnmohamed | instagram: harunnmohamed
💪The project: https://bambi.app
Harun says: "Bambi is a social network I built for my uni. It is still very young but promising"


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Hi Eleftheria, thank you for your review🤗. I really appreciate your input and will push all suggested changes in the next version of Bambi. Until then, Happy Coding!


It was my pleasure Harun! You did a really good job, keep it up.
I hope your friends and the university appreciate the social network!