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🌍Pomodoro Timer By FreeCodeCamp (JS) [YouTube LIVE]

eleftheriabatsou profile image Eleftheria Batsou Updated on ・2 min read

⬇️ In this video, I 'll show you how to create a Pomodoro clock using javascript, jquery and bootstrap!
The inspiration for this project is coming from FreeCodeCamp.

In FreeCodeCamp you can find all the user stories. I'm going to implement only a few of them.
-User Story: I can start a 25 minute pomodoro, and the timer will go off once 25 minutes has elapsed.
-User Story: I can reset the clock for my next pomodoro.
-User Story: I can customize the length of each pomodoro.
-User Story: After 'break' or 'work' is done you'll hear a sound.

If you watched the video you know in the end I messed up.

Here is the correct code:
I misspelled the function 'onclick'
I capitalized the 'C'... it should have been 'onclick'
That was the only problem :)

Useful links

If you guys recreate this project send me a link to check it.

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pabloabc profile image
Pablo Berganza

It's nice to see there's still content being made with jQuery. It's quite the forgotten library unless you're working with legacy code bases. What brought you to use jQuery instead of one of the "modern" and more "traditional" tools today?

Side note: Thessaloniki is the best city in the world <3

eleftheriabatsou profile image
Eleftheria Batsou Author

I don't think it's exactly forgotten but yeah, it's true, you won't meet many new developers using it!😊

I just had this project on my mind and I wanted to code it, I didn't think a lot about the technologies...🤓

Yeaah, Thessaloniki indeed is great.
Thank you for your comment.