Introducing Appwrite 0.6 with Flutter Support

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We are incredibly excited to announce the release of Appwrite 0.6. The new Appwrite version is our 10th release since we launched the project eight months ago, and it has some exciting new features.

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If you haven't heard about Appwrite before, you should know that Appwrite is an open-source backend server that allows you to build web, mobile, and native apps a lot faster. Appwrite provides you with a ready to use REST API (GraphQL coming soon!) that includes all the typical services you would probably need to build a modern & secure application.


Flutter Support

Appwrite 0.6 introduces the long-anticipated support for Flutter applications using our newly released Flutter SDK. The new Flutter SDK allows you too easily integrate your Flutter app with all of the different Appwrite client APIs.

You can read our new getting started guide for Flutter applications to start working with Appwrite quickly. Our new integration is available for building both Android and iOS apps with Flutter, and in the coming weeks, we’ll work to add support for more Flutter platforms. Our new Flutter SDK is
now available as a Dart package on pub.dev.

This is a great chance to thank our community members who helped us test the new integration and provided us with a lot of feedback along the way. A special thank you should go to Bartlomiej Tartanus (@bartektartanus ) and Ali Almoullim (@almoullim ). Bartlomiej and Ali spent hours developing our new Dart SDK templates, validating the SDK and server integration, and helping our beta testers during the testing phase of the new version.

New Database UI


This is one of the most awaited features since we first launched Appwrite. With the new UI, you can both browse your Appwrite collection and documents and also create and edit new them with a slick user interface.

The new UI allows you to inspect your different database resources using a new form or JSON views. Until now, you could only use the Appwrite API for most of the DB actions, and using the new UI, things should be a lot easier to manage and get started.

Typescript Support, New Locales, Health API and More

Version 0.6 includes a lot more features and bug fixes. This version was composed of 238 commits contributed by six developers that updated more than 500 files. You can view the full change-log on the official release page on our GitHub repository.

What’s Next?

Join us on our Github repository and on our Discord server to share your thoughts and ideas, and to ask for support using Appwrite.
We’ll soon release our goals for version 0.7. We would love you to be part of building Appwrite’s roadmap.

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I almost forgot about appwrite
Nice updates 😊😊


Thank you :) you should join our Discord server so you won't forget about us again 😉


Can I contribute to the project ??

Sure! anyone is welcome to contribute! You can take a look at the GitHub repo for any open issues or help around the community