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Appwrite 0.6 Comes with Full TypeScript Support

The new Appwrite version that was released this week, includes an updated JS SDK with full TypeScript support using a d.ts declaration file. With this new feature, your Appwrite SDK objects will now have autocompletion with type hinting in your IDE.

TypeScript made it easier to add declaration files for your favorite library. Declaration files are just files that describe the shape of an existing JavaScript codebase to TypeScript. By using-declaration files (also called .d.ts files), you can avoid misusing libraries and get better completions in your editor.

The new feature is now available with version 0.2 of Appwrite JS SDK. You can go and grab it directly from NPM using the command npm install appwrite. Note that version 0.2 is only compatible with version 0.6 or higher of the Appwrite server. If you're using an older version of Appwrite, this might be a great chance to upgrade your setup.

This is an excellent opportunity to thank Alessandro Mangone 🇮🇹 for contributing this feature on our SDK Generator repository on GitHub, Thank you, Alessandro!

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