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Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask here, if you have any JavaScript charting library that you recommend. This is for an internal website I use to manage my team's workflow.
The primary intent is to add a Gantt for each project. I have the data structure solved.
The website is not under any JS framework, it's just "vanilla" JavaScript, so it is not a constraint now.

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I think that Chart.js is the easiest one to use.
You just declare an object and change it's properties


Hi Pedro, thanks for your answer.
The only thing with ChartJS is that it doesn't have Gantt chart.


Maybe you can use python with plotly to render the charts? I know plotly has way more resources for plotting charts

Even though it is not javascript, I think it shouldn't be hard to make python and javascript work together

I'll give it a shot if I cant't find something that works out of the box. This is because the website is already built in PHP with CakePHP and I don't want to make the backend too sophisticated.

I had a great problem doing charts in javascript too. The Chart.js didn't do what I wanted out of the box. Had to make a lot of changes in it, which ended in a pretty big and messy code


Just to add an option into the pile: Mermaid.

It also has the added benefit of easy integration with Markdown as if you would write a code block with it. That said, I don't think this is what you find in a charting library but could give it a look.


I'm pretty sure D3 has Gantt charts. Might be worth a look.


Hi Connor, thanks for your answer. I'll look up the library.


Have a look on the highchart APIs. Most advance chart library in my mind.

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