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Hello! My name is Chris, and I am an 18 year old graduate of 2020.
The year obviously didn't go as planned.

I think it's interesting to mention the small background I have with programming and coding in general.

I started programming in 1st year of Gymnasium, when I was around 14 years old, learning mostly HTML/CSS and PHP. Made countless of projects such as written from scratch forums, blogs and more. Afterwards, I learnt Python which for me was the moment I understood that programming is much more involved and deep than I had imagined.

Made countless projects such as chat applications with some friends of mine, a few games, but also I loved using python for calculating probabilities in card games and more.

After Python, I moved to Golang. Using Golang I managed to create some more deep stuff like a library for a chat application called Synac, but also the project I am going to describe here, my Backgammon game.

My backgammon game was my attempt of bringing a traditional board game I loved to the command line. Backgammon is a game of luck, where you throw two dice and move rocks attempting to reach the final box and pick them up, while hitting your opponent's rocks in the way. It brings up very interesting challenges with its rules of forced movements but also the picking up rock mechanic.

The game had to both look and feel good, while giving all the information the player needs, as it can be complicated to understand how the rocks are moving at first sight.

I never truly finished my project, school especially this year brings a lot of pressure and little time, but I really want to return to the project and finalize it, adding maybe a bot to play against or even some sort of online play (at least in local network).

The (embarrassing) github link is: https://github.com/ELChris414/backgammon

As I realize that this project may not be enough to excite you (especially since it's not finished), I will also mention a smaller project of mine called UFCP, which basically provides with you with very minimal, no setup, local network chat. It literally just asks for a name and you're connected to an IRC style local network. The project is so minimal, it doesn't really deserve a github repo by itself, so I have a gist for it: https://gist.github.com/ELChris414/a705ba642223c4f2183dbc65f49753d6

I know, especially with the creativity and work ethic and talent that others have, what I present here is not interesting at all. But, having no support from school in this and not much free time, I always try to learn something new in programming and create smaller ideas.

Thank you so much for reading!



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