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#GitHubCoPilot πŸ€– – Also writes jokes ! 😁

Hi !

Yesterday, I was sharing my GitHub CoPilot experience, and someone in the audience asked:

Can CoPilot write a joke?

I didn’t want to test this live, you never know the output of an AI. However, today I created a simple text file, and I had some 😁😁😁 thanks to CoPilot.

What do you think ? And remember, CoPilot was trained using public code, there must be some knock knock jokes in those repositories !

And, if you want to take a look at the full series of my experiences using CoPilot with Python, C++, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and Markdown, check this post:

New sessions about learning #JavaScript and #TypeScript with #GitHubCopilot πŸ€–

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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Santhosh (sandy inspires)

Nice, will try out something fun!

elbruno profile image
El Bruno

Yes, itΒ΄s super cool ... there maybe some jokes in public repos !!!