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Discussion on: Should you learn Git in a GUI or the command line?

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To me it comes down to the amount of black magic done by GUIs.

  • I prefer to use the CLI for write operations because of simplicity — I can easily control what I do, while most GUIs do a lot more than just commit -m or push.

  • I prefer to use GUIs for read operations because of complexity — they combine commands in a powerful way and get the most out of Git.

To truly understand what Git is or what Git does, though, I’ll never not recommend this amazing guide.

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foadmoha Author

Totally agree. I think GUIs do a very good job in visualizing the status of the repo and history. Far better CLI can.
I am going to take a look at that guide you recommended. I like the idea of explaining Git concepts rather than commands. I think most Git tutorials geared towards beginners are too focused on HOW to do stuff rather than WHY.