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Elanat 2.1 released - .NET Honor!


Elanat is a free and open-source CMS-Framework based on ASP.NET Core. Elanat was created to be a reliable system in .NET and an honor for .NET programmers and can be compared to other systems under PHP and JAVA.

Elanat is .NET Honor!

Elanat vs PHP and Java systems

Elanat is a very large system; but you can manage it easily. It is even suitable for personal websites. There are nearly 600 executable aspx files, 56 DBMS tables, 560 stored procedures, more than 600 XML files and nearly 70 JavaScript files in Elanat core.

Elanat has a very modern architecture; in Elanat everything is add-on. Each add-on is a component and the component itself is also a component.

Elanat is a headless system; view is created by combining pages and templates. A new template can be assigned to each section (or url). Each page can be modified before execution.

Elanat has eight types of add-on; some of these add-ons are placed on different sections of pages. Pages are also add-ons.

Elanat supports all programming languages; Elanat is based on .NET Core, but supports all programming languages. You can create multiple add-ons for Elanat with any programming language.

Create add-on simply; Unlike other existing CMS, creating an add-on for Elanat is very simple. Just fill in a catalog file and create a zip file.

Image of Elanat admin section

Admin section in Elanat


Elanat is created using the powerful CodeBehind framework; CodeBehind is a very powerful framework for .NET based on .NET Core version 7.0. Any new system that can support modules by using CodeBehind (is modular).The development structure with CodeBehind is based on the MVC pattern. CodeBehind inherits all the advantages of ASP.NET Core and adds great features to it.

CodeBehind is .NET Diamond!

CodeBehind is .NET Diamond

The link below gives you complete information about the CodeBehind framework:

Get CodeBehind in NuGet:

Upgrate version

If you have installed the previous version of Elanat (, you can upgrade Elanat to version by entering the about component and clicking on the update button. Update with just one click!

Please note that when updating the Elanat framework to newer versions, we used advanced mechanisms so that the user who performs the update remains in the admin section and does not need to login again; But all the sessions will be deleted and the system will be restarted and every user who has logged in to the website will have to log in again. Therefore, our recommendation is to do the update in certain intervals when there are less active users on the website.


To install Elanat, you need to go to url. is an example of your website address or localhost.

You can refer to the Elanat documentation page by referring to the link below:

You can also see Elanat's video tutorials on Elanat's YouTube channel in the link below:

Problems that were solved:

  • The problem of displaying and editing the web.config file in the configuration component was solved
  • The problem of executing executable script files as a server was solved
  • The problem of running exe files has been solved
  • Solving the problem of the forget password page
  • Correct start-up setting during program execution
  • Fixed recompiling issue after Elanat goes to sleep (when left unused)
  • Added session security to ResponseForm page to prevent unpredictable cases
  • The problem of displaying view in validations has been solved
  • The problem of the name of the executable file in the path wwwroot\admin\add_content\action\get_content_avatar_list was solved
  • The problem of displaying the comment response in the approval comment component was solved
  • The problem of adding values in the view component was solved
  • The problem of the directory text file plugin in accessing paths with the app_data directory was solved
  • The problem of detecting the default executable files is solved
  • And a series of minor changes and improvements

Features that were added:

  • Added session and cookie read access support to executable scripts
  • Adding new security features
  • Update CodeBehind to version 1.5.2

Update issues:

  • Version was the first version of Elanat that was prepared by migrating from ASP.NET standard to ASP.NET Core; in version, we tried to solve the identified problems of the previous version; therefore, we corrected all the errors that existed.

System Requirements


Windows Server 2019,2022 or higher (Windows 10,11 or higher), Linux, Unix, Mac OS related .NET Core
Dot Net Core 7.0
IIS 10 or higher, any web server that support .NET Core
Sql Server 2014,2016,2017,2019 or higher


CPU : All 64 bit CPU hardware, provided that the operating system works smoothly after installing the necessary software
Hard : HDD (Elanat run in different drive from Windows drive)
Ram : 2 GB (256MB for Elanat)

CPU : Intel Core to due E5700 or AMD Athlon II x2 64 or equivalent
Hard : HDD (Elanat run in HDD And Windows run in SSD)
Ram : 3 GB (512MB for Elanat)

CPU : Intel Pentium G3250 or AMD A6-7480 or equivalent
Ram : 4 GB (1GB for Elanat)

Nice performance:
CPU : Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Athlon 3000G or equivalent
Hard : SSD PCIe
Ram : 6 GB (1.5GB for Elanat)

  • The minimum system required for Windows and the necessary software must be included, otherwise sufficient resources will not be available to the operating system and it will provide an unfavorable experience.

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muhyilmaz profile image

What is "a very modern architecture" ?

If you write an article, you have to explain it. No to moralize into in :)

elanatframework profile image

These things have been repeated many times and we do not want to repeat them in every article.
It took ten years to build Elanat on the ASP.NET Standard framework; But it only took him two weeks to migrate from ASP.NET Standard v4.5 to ASP.NET Core v7.0! This is thanks to the server-side independence architecture in Elanat.

Shouldn't this record be recorded in Guinness!

Elanat is built on add-on-oriented concept.
Full description of the add-on in Elanat in the link below:

Elanat is .NET Honor!

Please ask if you have any other questions.