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Elanat 2 Released, Best .NET Core CMS

Version of Elanat is released.

Elanat is based on ASP.NET Core. The previous version of Elanat was, which was based on ASP.NET Standard, and Elanat has migrated from ASP.NET Standard 4.5 to ASP.NET Core 7.0 in version

To install Elanat, you need to go to url. is an example of your website address or localhost.

The link below will teach you how to install Elanat.

You can refer to the Elanat documentation page by referring to the link below.

Problems that were solved:

  • The problem of the empty_session_data_directory page in scheduled tasks and its interference with the stored user session data was solved
  • Meta keywords problem to add anonymous tag is solved
  • The fetch editing problem is solved
  • The category link problem in the content was solved
  • And a series of minor changes and improvements

features that were added:

  • Ajax loading on the client side displays the loading image for each request until the end of the request
  • Adding add-ons under ASP.NET Core without resetting the program and without losing user sessions
  • Full control over wrong urls

Update issues:

  • This version has migrated from ASP.NET Standard to ASP.NET Core; therefore, it is not possible to update from previous versions through the about component
  • Some items are related to Windows and in the future we will try to run them on other operating systems as well
  • A small part of system access changes (related to the file and directory component) to files and directories may not be implemented in other non-Windows operating systems
  • Currently, it is possible to install and execute the paths of interpreter scripts only in Windows

The link below shows the current issues of the current version.

We will solve these problems in future versions. If you are using the current version, if a new update is provided, you can update to the new version through the about component in admin panel.

System Requirements

Windows Server 2019,2022 or higher (Windows 10,11 or higher), Linux, Unix, Mac OS related .NET Core
Dot Net Core 7.0
IIS 10 or higher, any web server that support .NET Core
Sql Server 2014,2016,2017,2019 or higher


CPU : All 64 bit CPU hardware, provided that the operating system works smoothly after installing the necessary software
Hard : HDD (Elanat run in different drive from Windows drive)
Ram : 2 GB (256MB for Elanat)

CPU : Intel Core to due E5700 or AMD Athlon II x2 64 or equivalent
Hard : HDD (Elanat run in HDD And Windows run in SSD)
Ram : 3 GB (512MB for Elanat)

CPU : Intel Pentium G3250 or AMD A6-7480 or equivalent
Ram : 4 GB (1GB for Elanat)

Nice performance:
CPU : Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Athlon 3000G or equivalent
Hard : SSD PCIe
Ram : 6 GB (1.5GB for Elanat)

  • The minimum system required for Windows and the necessary software must be included, otherwise sufficient resources will not be available to the operating system and it will provide an unfavorable experience.

  • The English language package is already available in the ready-to-install package and Elanat source code; it is placed only so that the developer can change this language pack and create a new language pack.

ِDownload link:

Elanat repository link:

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