What editor and font you use for WebDev

elanandkumar profile image Anand Kumar ・1 min read

Hello Folks,

Need two suggestions:

  1. Editor: which one to use for web development?
    • Sublime
    • VSCode
    • Webstorm
  2. Font: Please suggest best font for above editor?

Thank you.


Editor guide

I use PhpStorm for like 6 or 7 years now. Tried Atom and VS Code when they bacame "cool", but always switched back to PhpStorm.
Changed the mono fonts a lot of times, but been using Fira Code for more like a year now.


Do you work on JavaScript?


Yes. PhpStorm has the same features as WebStorm, or features like Typescript support can be added via plugins. No issues so far.

Nice. Good to know. Thanks


VsCode - JetBrains Mono font :)


Is it good enough to replace webstorm. I know that it is not free and it is an IDE but just want to know some insights.
That fonts looks nice. Thanks.


For me, VsCode is the best. I have tried webstrom, but it's a bit heavy than VsCode. Plus there's lot of extensions in VsCode that can ramp up the project. :)

Good to know. Thanks :)


VSCode and Fira Code


VS Code and Fira Code for me


Fira code is something I use but jetbrains looks good too. Have you thought of trying it?


No, I haven’t seen it. I’ll check it out.


Looks like I am settling down to VSCode too.
Theme: night owl
Font: JetBrains Mono...though planning to try recursive.design

Thanks for suggestions guys.

Dropping the idea of extending my webstorm license which is going to expire soon.


Yes, I would agree. Visual Studio Code is a great choice if you are primarily doing Javascript work. When I work on PHP, many times, I will use PHPStorm. Otherwise, I also stick to VSCode.


Nice. Thanks.