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Integrating EmailJs with ReactJs

Almost all the web applications we create, we need to send emails to users, whether it be a support email or verification one. In the below article we will go through all the steps of sending emails directly with ReactJs.
All we need is a basic knowledge of React and EmailJs account.

So developers fasten up your seat belt! Here we go !! πŸš€

1. Creating EmailJs account

  • Click on the link and create a free account on EmailJs
  • Select the service you want to start with. I am using Gmail Service.
  • Connect your account and click on add service.
  • You will see Gmail service in added services .

2. Creating mail template

  • In your EmailJs dashboard click on Email Templates -> Create New template. Setup your template name and id.
  • You can configure the template as per your requirement.
  • You can use curly braces for the fields that will receive data from react code as shown below. I have made "To email" field dynamic.

Alt Text
Woo! Our template is set πŸŽ‰

3. Time for some code .. 😎

  • Create a new React App
  • Install the EmailJs package using command $ npm install emailjs-com --save
  • Import Email js in your App.js file import * as emailjs from "emailjs-com";
  • Grab the service Id and template id from your template-> Copy Code


  • Copy your user id from Account-> API Keys -> User ID
  • Modify your App.js file
  • Create the handleChange function

And you are done!!!
Woo! now you can send emails directly from react . πŸŽ‰

You can find the complete code on my github repository React-Emailjs

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The Wizard of Wikacy

very rushed and incomplete.

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Naveen Dinushka

Hey Mate this is not working anymore

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