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Introduction to Event Streaming with Kafka and Kafdrop

ekoutanov profile image Emil Koutanov Originally published at Medium Updated on ・1 min read

Event sourcing, eventual consistency, microservices, CQRS... These are quickly becoming household names in mainstream application development. But do you know what makes them tick? What are the basic building blocks required to assemble complex, business-centric applications from fine-grained services without turning the lot into a big ball of mud?

This article examines a fundamental building block — event streaming. Leading the charge will be Apache Kafka — the de facto standard in event streaming platforms, which we'll observe through Kafdrop — a feature-packed web UI.

A Brief Intro

Event streaming platforms reside in the broader class of Message-oriented Middleware (MoM) and are similar to traditional message queues and topics, but offer stronger temporal guarantees and typically order-of-magnitude performance gains due to log-structured immutability. In simple terms, write operations are mostly limited to sequential appends, which make them fast. Really fast.

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Joe Zack

Great write up. I hadn't seen KafDrop before!