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How to verify PAN no. in node.js

42Cr PAN Cards can be verified using Eko APIs

You might need to verify your customer's identity in your app. PAN verification API by Eko can come handy here. The complete documentation can be found here. We will walk through the complete process for a nodejs app in this article.

1. Install Eko's node.js SDK

npm install @ekoindia/eko-sdk-node
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2. Initialize the SDK

const Eko = require('@ekoindia/eko-sdk-node')
//Initialize the Eko library
const ekoAPI = Eko.init({
    hostname: "",//For prod, change to
    port: 443,
    developerKey: "becbbce45f79c6f5109f848acd540567",
    authKey: "f74c50a1-f705-4634-9cda-30a477df91b7",
    initiatorId: "9971771929"
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3. Verify PAN

//Verify PAN
    panNumber: 'pan number',
    purpose: 'purpose of verification',
    purposeDescription: 'description of the purpose'
}, function(err, result){
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Check out eko-sdk-node for more details. If you have any question or feature request, create an issue on GitHub repo or Eko Developer Community on Discord

4. Get API credentials for the production

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your PAN no.
  3. Enter your firm's details
  4. Set a 4 digit secret pin
  5. Choose plan combo 1 (it has access to all the APIs including PAN KYC APIs)
  6. Sign the agreement (via Aadhar OTP)
  7. Submit the documents required for your firm's verification

Once the verification is completed, you will get the credentials for the production. You can then deploy your solution to production with these credentials.


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