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Discussion on: Explain Hashing + salting Like I'm Five

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Encryption is an image puzzle, we cannot guess the image when it's in pieces but it's meant to be built to find it. So with only pieces you can find easily(more or less) this image. In password case this is bad because you can find an original password with an encrypted one easily.

Hashing is one-way, but deterministic: hash twice the same value, and you get twice the same output. So in password case it is hard to find the original string because there are no logic built for it, and you need to "find" real password to check if it's the one in your database.

Salting is adding a personal touch to every hashing. For exemple is your password case, is two user use same password, because you hash it, it will produce the same output (a given entries, always have same output) but if instead of only password you hash a string with password+login, the output will be different, even if two user use the same password.

so in summary :

Encryption => easy to crack, once an attacker find encryption type + secret key all password in your database are exposed.

Hashing => harder to crack, need to guess password and compare output to find password. So it's an one by one work.

Hashing + Salting => make everything hashing unique, even harder to crack, attacker need to split password from salt. Still an one by one work, even once it's decrypted