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Cloud Architecture: Real-World Use Case Scenarios

ashrafalam profile image Ashraf Alam ・3 min read

While building a scalable system is lot more easier with the advent of cloud technologies, identifying the right fit can be challenging. Usually it may take years of solid experience in architectural space.

Here we’ve tried to summarize a list of top technologies that can be used to build scalable systems efficiently with respect to real-world use case scenarios.

Few fundamental or basic considerations, such as programming/scripting languages, operating system choices, additional tooling etc have been intentionally ignored to make the list simple.


Awesome Cloud Architecture


Type Purpose Use Case Technology
Client Side Client Framework ReactJS
- Type System TypeScript
- Design System Ant
Backend Server Side API Framework ASP.NET Core Web API
- Concurrency Framework .NET Task API
- ORM Framework Manipulating RDMBS data Entity Framework Core
- Identity Framework Managing user identity .NET Core Identity
- Cloud Access Framework Cloud storage access, logging etc Azure Developer Tools
- Web Socket Sending monthly summary report SignalIR
Services Web Application & API Deployment Hosting web applications Azure App Service
- Identity Service Managing user identity Azure Active Directory
- Telemetry Event Ingestion User activity log (receive) Azure Event Hub
- Enterprise Search Product search Azure Search
- Prefix-based Search Product search (with prefix) Azure Search
- Recommendation Product recommendation Azure ML
- Server to Client Notification Sending monthly summary report Azure Notification Hub
- Report Processing Sending monthly summary report Azure Scheduler
- Report Processing Daily operational report Azure Sql Database with Power BI
- ALM Application life cycle management Azure DevOps
Storage Analytics User activity log Azure CosmosDB: Cassandra as-a-service
- Reporting Daily operational report Azure Sql Database with Power BI
- Reporting Monthly summary report Azure Cassandra as-a-service
- Binary content User profile picture, logo Azure Blob Storage
- CDN Cache User profile picture, logo (cached) Azure CDN
- In Memory Cache User session data Azure Cache for Redis
- Key Value Pair NoSQL Store Shopping cart Azure Table Storage
- Document NoSQL Store Product catalog Azure CosmosDB
- Graph NoSQL Store Social network graph Azure CosmosDB: Gremlin API
- RDBMS Financial data - Assets, liabilities, income Azure Sql Database

Open Source Project on Awesome Cloud Architecture ⭐

EISK is an open source project that is intended providing developer resources to build scalable applications on top of awesome cloud architecture.

Already a web api project has been released to illustrate implementation best practices and more to come.

Stay in touch for updates by bookmarking the project in github.



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