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What’s the most to do by the game tester?

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  • Texture
  • Physics
  • Line of sight
  • Player Profile
  • Stats
  • Game rule
  • Item model
  • Payment
  • Process Performance
  • Real-time Performance
  • Audio
  • Cheats hole

Computer Game Tester Responsibilities

  • Play and test the game repeatedly in different ways and situations
  • Learn to be repetitive as well as unexpected. Basically you’re trying to break the game!
  • Test different versions of the game including PC and console versions if available
  • Concentrate on certain areas of the game and try every possibility available
  • Compare new versions of game and replicate previous bugs to see if they have been fixed
  • Play game using different settings and options if available
  • Check for typos, spelling mistakes and grammar.
  • Report any error codes that may pop up and report them to bug tracking software
  • Proof any other documentation with game including manuals, instructions and other booklets
  • Understand the difference between reporting a bug and reporting a feature

Skills and Qualities of a Game Tester

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and a methodical approach to computer games
  • Knowledge of computer games and the industry
  • Understanding of Quality Assurance processes Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Strong attention to detail and patience for repetitive work
  • Flexible working and the ability to adapt to different processes
  • Persistence and perseverance
  • Strong computer literacy skills

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