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First Milestone to get familiar with Git

egitsptr profile image Egit S. Originally published at on ・2 min read

Here is just my note for little imagine-inspiration.

Please read each terminology about what is and why should happen, don’t read the command if you not familiar with it. There regularly order from initial basic:

  1. Head, Branch
  2. Init
  3. Clone
  4. Fork
  5. Checkout
  6. Commit
  7. Tag
  8. Stash
  9. Merge
  10. Rebase
  11. Fetch
  12. Push
  13. Pull
  14. Reset
  15. Reverse
  16. Cherry Pick
  17. Patch

Goto the official document

Simple good tools for GUI-ing git:

  1. GitKraken
  2. SourceTree
  3. Git Desktop
  4. IDE – like Atom, Sublime, VS Code, Intelij, Visual Studio, RAD, etc
  5. more . . .
  6. Git Flow or Trunk??

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