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My first big challenge - configuring docker, kong and nodejs

Last week, for my learning journey, I wanted to use an API gateway to secure my application.

Searching for solutions, I found Kong, and reading the documentation it seemed easy to install and use.

In the meantime, another tool that I wanted to work with was Docker, so there was nothing better than using Kong and my application in a container to learn how it works.

But, nothing is easy when you do it for the first time, and I found my first big challenge!

The installation process was easy and clean, but, using Kong with Nodejs gave me a hard time!

To make everything worse, I was having a rough week at work, and when I had time to code, I was too tired.

After some days, a lot of documentation reading, searching through forums and git, I found what I was doing wrong, and it was a simple mistake.

Like many others, I learned from that mistake and won the battle against Kong and Nodejs!

From this challenge, I started to write a tutorial to help others with the same problem, which I’ll publish soon.

Again, thanks for reading.

If you have feedback, let me know.

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