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Practical Functional Programming In Typescript — Oct 2021

Practical Functional Programming In Typescript — Oct 2021

Join our upcoming workshop in functional programming! Organised by MATECHS, in partnership with ZIVERGE.

This 5-day interactive course aims to level up developers who want to gain practical knowledge of TypeScript in functional programming and build powerful business applications.

You’ll learn the basics of functional programming (Pure Functions, ADTs, e-DSLs), as well as how to use functional effect-systems to build modular, performant applications that are easy to write and maintain.

The workshop targets software developers who are eager to learn how to build modern, robust, and testable applications that are performant both in the back-end and front-end.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll be able to

  • Use the effect-ts library (and similar libraries such as fp-ts, qio, waveguide);
  • Build modern, high-performance, asynchronous and concurrent, resource-efficient, and stack-safe applications, both in the back-end (well-optimized for serverless) and front-end;
  • Implement best practices regarding error management and dependency management.

👉 Grab your ticket or check the event page for more details.

About Ziverge

Ziverge was born in 2020 to help companies succeed using functional programming.

Founded by John A. De Goes, serial entrepreneur and an internationally-recognized expert on Scala and functional programming, Ziverge focuses on providing clients with a powerful combination of rapid turnaround time, technical excellence, and out-of-the-box thinking.

About Matechs

Matechs supports startup and enterprise clients to grow through industry-leading IT strategy consulting. Matechs is founded by Michael Arnaldi, author of Effect-TS, a functional programming library. The library allows building reliable, scalable, maintainable, and resilient web applications, leveraging the power of functional programming patterns.

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