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Efosa Collins EVBOWE
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Poem on Web Development

Web development is like a poem,
With code as the verse,
Design as the meter,
And user experience as the rhyme.

Each line is crafted with care,
To create a website fair,
With HTML as the foundation,
CSS and JavaScript for decoration.

The browser is the stage,
For your digital page,
Responsive design, the play,
For users on any device to engage.

Debugging is the editing,
Ensuring the website is dediting,
Deployment the final stage,
For the world to see the page.

A website is a work of art,
A poem for the digital age,
Built with love and skill,
To inspire and thrill.

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fyodorio profile image

Then comes your boss, this old fat dork,
'You, bloody shakespeare, go and work!'

efecollins profile image
Efosa Collins EVBOWE

The leaves fall gently to the ground,
Nature's symphony without a sound.

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amykhar • Edited

Here's the poem Chat GPT gave me about PHP. Thank you for the idea :)

PHP development, a coding art,
Creating web pages, a work of heart.
From server-side scripts, to databases and more,
A language that's simple, yet so powerful and raw.

With frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter,
Building apps becomes an even sweeter endeavor.
MySQL as the database, a perfect match,
PHP development, a coding catch.

A community of developers, growing strong,
Sharing knowledge, where one can belong.
With every new release, new features appear,
PHP development, always something new to hold dear.

So here's to PHP, a language we adore,
A tool that helps us build, and so much more.
A language that's here to stay, that's for sure,
PHP development, forever pure.

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