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Eric F 🇺🇦
Eric F 🇺🇦

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A few notes…

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So, I guess some kind of intro post could nice and useful. I actually have (had) a blog I could write on, but… I hit a few road bumps a couple of years ago, including my computer broke down, plus a lot of other s****y things (I won't go into here). And my computer broke down in the middle of switching blog tools. I was going to move from Octopress to Pelican. Hopefully, in a couple of three months or so, I'll be able to fix all that again.

Meanwhile… Still need a place to express myself, or write stuff I need to post of share. Been looking at “” for a long time, and it seems like a great place to be, and to write som stuff at.

I guess when my site/blog is up and running again - I'll use this space to write shorter stuff. Like quick-tips, short notes, &/or maybe as compliment to a tweet. I don't know. We'll see.

Since it's the last day of the year…

“Happy New 2023” to you all.🎆🥂 Let's hope next year will be a good one.🤞👍

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