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Three Ways To Take On Imposter Syndrome

eekayonline profile image Edwin Klesman Updated on ・1 min read

Three Ways To Take On Imposter Syndrome

I've noticed how Imposter Syndrome started to become the next big thing on the web. A lot of people seem to struggle with this confidence related issue somehow.

IMHO, the term Imposter Syndrome has become this umbrella term that is being used for anything wildly related to the actual syndrome. Which is fine actually, since I really think you can take on most of these issues by reflecting on your own experiences and achievements.

I started to contemplate how I went through life, and how I never seemed to be really suffering from Imposter Syndrome (for long). I somehow managed to always keep optimistic and think about the things in my character and in what I managed to accomplish to build just enough confidence to keep going strong.

To help other entrepreneurs, developers, and creators, I wrote this article that provides three ways to use reflection to take on Imposter Syndrome and keep any confidence issues at bay:

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