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Stop Perfecting, Start Shipping

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Hey There,

As 2019 is taking off, I was thinking about all those things I've been learning in the last 5 years or so. And 2018 was a special one in that.

I worked at a startup for the entire year, and I got to put to practice all those mind-shaping things that I learned from podcasts, books and talking to entrepreneurs and startup people all around.

I mean, it was just mindblowing to hear how many fellow makers experienced that urge to perfect their product before shipping it.

All those nights, weekends, days and weeks that were spent on adding features and tweaking the screens and making it JUST THAT LITTLE BIT BETTER before going live.


What everybody I talked to agreed to with me, is that we now know how awkward it is to believe that the perfect picture in your head is actually going to happen.
And how silly it is to even think for a second that the world is pausing and waiting for your product to roll out of the shop.

Read about the value that lies in stopping to perfect your product, and actually just SHIP IT in Shipharder.com's latest vlog/blog post, here: https://www.shipharder.com/makers-stop-perfecting-start-shipping

It's time you got your stuff out there and get some real value from actual users.

Code Hard, Ship Harder - shipharder.com

What is your take in this? Do you like to refine things, the nitty-gritty if you will, before shipping? Or do you value the feedback from real usage that shipping your product can provide? Let me know 🙌🏻

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