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Five Indications For Makers That You're Doing Fine

Five Indications For Makers That You're Doing Fine

There are lots of ways that people start to interact with you as soon as you ship product, or start to share your take on things. Some are good, some are negative. But no matter what side of the coin their on, you can look beyond the interaction itself and even find out that it's a sign that you're doing just fine.

I wrote a post on five indicators that at least show you that you're on a good path and that you're being taken serious.

You can read the full post here:

As a short reference, here are the indicators:

  1. The Bounce Rate on your (product) page is going down
  2. People interact with you or your content online (likes, shares, and comments are increasing)
  3. Trolls find you and try to shake up your tree
  4. Companies and professionals interact with you and want to share visions or cooperate
  5. People are reaching out on a personal note. They relate to what you're saying or your product and want to connect. This last one is very strong 💪🏻

What (hidden) indicators do/did you notice when you're starting out or just launched your product?

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