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Actual User Feedback Is The Most Valuable Kind

Real user feedback is the most valuable kind

There is no feedback more valuable than ACTUAL.USER.FEEDBACK.

That's what this quote from Paul Graham strikes so hard: you need to ship your product and have users test it.

Until you ship, you'll never quite know if the value that your product is providing is good enough to overcome any problem.

When people use your product in production, there is friction:

Friction from tiny things that feel off.
Friction from screens or information that are off.
Friction because it feels a little too pricey compared to the gain that users get from your product.

You need actual user feedback. It's this feedback that gives you the necessary insights to optimize your product.

So launch your product as fast as you can. You're more likely to win the lottery than having your assumptions right from the start.

As always, keep in mind you need to create value, and hashtag#valuefirst. The best way to check if you provide enough value for your users is by shipping your product.

Let the users decide if it is valuable enough to pay for it.

The credo applies nicely to this subject:
Code Hard, Ship Harder ✌🏻

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Thanks. I needed this.

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Edwin Klesman

Awesome 🙌🏻 you're welcome 😄