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Rendering Icons using SVG Sprites

In an eco-design approach, we consider possible optimizations throughout our projects. A significant portion of applications now use icon renderings for a better user experience and design. However, their usage can negatively impact application performance and user experience.

Using an SVG sprite instead of individual icons brings several benefits:

  1. Performance Optimization: SVG sprites group multiple icons into a single image, reducing the number of HTTP requests and improving site or React application performance.
    Using inline SVG code will increase the size of your JS files and thus affect the display performance.

  2. Easy Management: SVG sprites simplify icon management by consolidating them into a single file. This streamlines updates and modifications since you only need to update the sprite, and all occurrences of the icons are automatically updated in your React application.

And many more benefits (accessibility, animation, etc.).

We provide a Node.js script to generate your SVG sprites and another script to generate icon renderings in a grid format in a PDF, allowing you to keep icon identifiers at hand.
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