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Dynamic configuration of Wireguard

edufschmidt profile image edufschmidt Updated on ・1 min read

Hi, I’m working on a tool for dynamic configuration of Wireguard ( network overlays in the form of a single lightweight binary that runs on every node alongside wireguard itself, and communicates with a server responsible for providing the most up-to-date settings, which in turn are managed by the user through a simple web UI. The only assumption is that each node has internet connection and proper authentication credentials to the server.

Do you think this would you be useful for, say, connecting devices such as Raspberry Pis to the cloud and being able to dynamically manage IP addresses, firewall rules, etc across the entire network? Are there any particular features you consider important? Do you see any major design flaws?

I'm not sure if this is the right channel for collecting feedback on this, but I just thought that this could be interesting to the community, and decided it was worth a try :)


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How can contact you ?
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