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The Ultimate List of JS and Web Conferences

eduardsi profile image Eduards Sizovs ใƒปUpdated on ใƒป1 min read

JS and Web conferences is where you can meet other developers and learn about web tools and best practices from the best developers in the community. Below is my ultimate list of the greatest JS and web conferences in Europe and USA.

DevTernity (๐Ÿ… Top 3 in Europe)

Audience: web developers, architects ยท Location: Riga, Latvia ยท Date: 3โ€“4 December 2020


DevTernity is the top 3 international software development conference in Europe. Located in the heart of Europe, in a beautiful city of Riga, this well-organized conference focuses on the core skills paramount to your success โ€“ code design, software architecture and leadership. Organizers promise no agile bulsh**t or marketing talks. This is a must-see event!

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