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How to do a code review

In a team I sat next to, a junior developer asked a senior to conduct code review for a newly completed feature. According to the process, that Senior had to approve all changes going to production. Here is how it went:

Junior: “Could you please take a look at my code?”

Senior: “No, I am busy. Send me a PR; I’ll take a look when I have more time.” (never)

Junior: “This is urgent; our key customer needs this fix. Can you take a look now?”

Senior (eyes rolling): “O.K.”

For the next ten minutes, the senior was scrolling the code back and forth, revealing no emotions in dead silence; he looked very unhappy. Because the silence was unbearable and senior showed almost no signs of life, the curious Junior interrupted the busy reviewer by sending an ACK packet. The server senior responded:

Tsshhhhh. I am still reviewing. Everything sucks. Need more time. Go grab a coffee.

Junior, hoping to learn something, was still sitting next to Senior. The air was tense and smelled with trotyl. The senior – like a C4 – was ready to explode if someone moves or says a word.

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