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Why you should switch to kotlin as an android developer

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About two years ago, Google announced kotlin as the official language for android development and since then Google have been trying their best to make developers adapt to it.

Today i'll be giving you reasons why you should start to use kotlin for developing android apps, here are some of my reaons.

  1. Kotlin is simpler and concise - defining classes and variables in kotlin can be pretty easy and small lines of code.

an example would be this

var variable:Int = 10
var string:String = "Hello World"

  1. Kotlin allows nullability - yes to making your variables null in value.

  2. Kotlin is very expressive - from methods, control statements and classes.

  3. Kotlin is more demanded in android development - most companies specialised in the development of android apps now require kotlin devs when hiring.

There's more to kotlin but these are few points of mine tho. I do hope you find reasons to consider learning kotlin as an android developer.
Thank you.

Let me know in the comment section if you want posts on how to get started with kotlin, i'll be happy to post such topics and hope you'll learn. thank you and have a wonderful day

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Do it, getting started with Kotlin series would be nice


Alright I'll do it


Default parameter values are another excellent reason in my opinion. No need to write an overloads to call with the default values.