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Discussion on: What I Use Now Instead Of Google

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Of course google is better, of course it's easier, nobody has to say that "Only when some other service that makes my life easier comes, I'll leave google", of course you will! And probably that day will come soon.

But, as Thanos was asked, " At what cost? ".

This system of, "Being the product yourself and receive free services" from games, maps, media, junk food, etc, not only will affect our privacy, but all of human existence. Maybe I sound a bit dramatic. But, our attention span, decision making, life purpose and meaning, all of these ( although it's every human's own responsibility ), is blurred and affected by our digital life. And my opinion is, it shouldn't be.

Not only because you can afford being a google slave means you should wait until an apocalypse kicks you out of your bubble. We all live in this world and even if you don't see it directly, you benefit from people and resources all around the world that finally depend of this world being habitable and sustainable.

When everything goes to hell, no overlords or governor will be able to keep you or your descendants on this luscious bubble. This is the ultimate responsibility.

And upon all of us developers, that responsibility extends on supporting, developing and promoting this sustainable piece of the future.

Thank you very much Kira for this post and the least we all visitors can do is implement and share this.