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Unit Testing : Make Others Adopt it

Hello 😄

Today it is just a small article , to say that i will not go in depth about the part 4 in the book The Art Of Unit Testing. Just give few words.

Last Words

I will simply says that the advices in the part 4 are about making organization adopt unit testing and test driven development , and Roy Osherove give us a bunch of advices . I highly recommend you to read this but just after mastering unit testing and see the benefits in your daily life in the I.T.

Why master Unit Testing before ?

Because sometimes to make others adopt it you are going to be alone , it is like a phone you should better be sure that it is great before saying to people around you to buy it . Unit Testing is same you better be convince about it before go against everybody in your organization . We do not tell this sometimes but we are going to say to everybody that what the organization is currently doping can be done a better way.

You should know how to handle Legacy Code

It is reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy Important . Big Organization do not create new software every months , sometimes they ad features to existing software and you better know how to add unit tests to it and handle it with test driven development.
Read the Working Effectively with Legacy Code

You should Know Object Oriented Principles

Saying that writing unit tests can be done everywhere is true but in a system write with OOP it is better to introduce tdd and unit testing . So learn in deeply well . Do not forget unit testing is about creating a small world for a small unit of your software ; but this small unit has dependencies ; how to replace or handle these dependencies ? with abstraction and in OOP there is many ways to do that.
Read the Clean Code Book

Thanks for Reading 😊

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