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Edward Ezekiel
Edward Ezekiel

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Building a Blazing Fast JAMstack App

I recently attended a meetup in Memphis hosted by Bryan Robinson. He is an accomplished web developer with a focus on creating static sites.

This got me excited to finally build my own static site using JAMstack architecture! So, I built this blog template (live) using GatsbyJS and Netlify. Here is the Github Repo.

Lighthouse Audit

I am very pleased with how the site turned out. I used the Lighthouse tool to audit the gatsby site and my blog. Lighthouse is built into the chrome browser. It is a great automated tool for performing webpage audits.

Here are the results:

Lighthouse scores for my React/Rails blog:

The scores are not terrible, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Lighthouse scores for the JAMstack site:

The JAMstack site almost scores perfectly across the Lighthouse metrics. Navigating through the site reflects these scores: pages loading blazingly fast and it generally feels crisp.


If you are interesting in exploring JAMstack further, here are some of resources I used while learning about this topic:

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