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Agile Software Development

I had a great time attending the Agile Memphis meetup this past week. It was presented by Robert Newman, Lean Agile Coach and IT Leader at FedEx. Robert focused his presentation on tips for becoming a better agile SAFe coach. SAFe stands for the Scaled Agile Framework. More on that later.

My Experience With Agile

Agile development was the way we built software at Flatiron. We implemented Test Driven Development, Kanban Boards, Standup Meetings, and wireframing throughout the program. I used these methods to build each of my major projects.

What is Agile Development?

I recently listened to a podcast by Javascript Jabber on this topic. Here is a link to the episode. The episode guest stars James Shore, agile developer extraordinaire.

James Shore spent a fair amount of time discussing the evolution of Agile development. It was created in 2001 with the publication of the Agile Manifesto. I definitely recommend this podcast if you are interested in the topic.

SAFe Coaching

Back to the meetup and SAFe, Robert described coaching frameworks and shared stories from his work as a SAFe coach. I especially enjoyed hearing about the distinction between a manager and a coach.

Final Thoughts

Agile software development is a practice that I will continue to practice throughout my dev journey. I am especially interested in getting practice writing more tests for React programs.

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