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I finished Hacktoberfest for the first time

eddyvinck profile image Eddy Vinck ・2 min read

I hope you've had a good #Hacktoberfest. Did you order your 2019 Hacktoberfest t-shirt yet?

2019 has been the first time I have participated in Hacktoberfest, and you could say I'm a new contributor to open source now.

I wasn't planning on participating at first, but I was reminded at a meetup partway through October that #Hacktoberfest was happening. There was still time, so I figured I would try to complete my 4 pull requests this year.

My first 4 open source contributions for Hacktoberfest

My first 4 contributions have been pretty diverse.

I submitted a PR to an educational repository showcasing an example of JavaScript's way of retrieving and sending JSON data with an API.

The second PR was a logo for RoughJS, which is a library for generating graphics with a sketchy feel. I created the logo using RoughJS itself, which was kind of fun.

I worked on improving the SEO for an open-source website for artists.

For my last pull request I improved the documentation for DEITY Falcon, a React framework you can use to easily build headless PWA websites.

Over 4 Pull Requests

I started my own open source project

I think I have gotten much more familiar with open source this month. After finishing my 4 pull requests, I started my own open source project.

I created a platform which is a talk index that includes upcoming conferences. The goal is to help you decide if you should go to a developer conference or not.

If this is something that interests you then I'd like to hear from you! I want to hear some ideas / suggestions on how we can improve ConfTalks to make it fulfill its goal of helping you decide wether you want to go to a conference or not. I made a RFC (request for comments) on GitHub, but I also really appreciate comments here on DEV of course! Please help me help you with ConfTalks πŸ™‚

If you want to get involved with ConfTalks, I created a πŸ’Œ newsletter and a community Slack workspace you can join if you are interested in hearing more about ConfTalks or want to get contribute.

Check it out! https://conftalks.org


How has your Hacktoberfest been this year?

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Just in time, too! Good job!


Thanks Paul! How did your hacktoberfest go?


Mine went very well, thank you! I wrote about it here. :)


Thanks Jacob! How was your Hacktoberfest this year?


I got it done pretty early, but seeing as how I work for DEV every pull request I make is an Open Source one 😬

I was able to help a few friends complete it this year, and that was a fun feeling!

Ha, I suppose that makes it a bit easier πŸ˜‰ Good on you for helping your friends participate! πŸ‘


Hacktoberfest was AWESOME for my project I went from 1 contributor to 17, I released 4 alphas and the first beta and google play release is the end of this week!


I'm really glad it helped you out so much. My project has around 10 contributors as well πŸ™‚


Hey Eddy, I failed in my first Octoberfest, can you give me some tips on how to contribute to the open source


Hi! πŸ‘‹
I guess my first tip for next time would be to start early. The second tip is trying to find those entry level GitHub issues that you can do. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions abiut an issue on GitHub. My final tip is to contribute to ConfTalks πŸ˜‰