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I want to make an interactive website and I don't know where to start. Music inside, mixer inside, help pls :'(

Jose E Saura
🌐 Web developer. UI/UX. Permanent student 👨‍🎓 Sport-guy, musician, photographer, I love art too. I've just realized that I do too many things.
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Hi, basically, the final idea is to build a website where I have 2 parts:

Mixing/Music part.
Video part.

The idea is like a snowball, I began thinking about 2 simple things and now I'd love to do an interactive experience with a song, mixing it live.

My most important doubt is, how do I put different wav stems (parts of a song divided by instruments, ex:kick, snare, synths.) and play it all at once when you decide and enable and disable it with keys.

Okay, in the video part I want to layer videos that get enabled by pressing the same keys, each video is linked with a sound. If you enable one sound the video is visible...

The question is, what should I use to make the player/mixer??

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Take a look at Howler JS to help you implement feature like layering audio.

Wes Bos does a good tutorial for it on his JavaScript 30 course, which is free