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The greatest change and challenge of all...

What should you follow when you decide to move to another job? Does the company you are about to move support ethical values? If you need to ask a question, the question would be how included you feel while you are in this company? The world is right around the corner for an enormous change. A good reference in this challenging time is that seeing how tech companies adapt to this situation? How much they care about their employees on the way.

Choose wisely #BigShift

What do you feel about your company giving you perks on the days like international women's day or pride month? Does that make you feel included only for one day? A very obvious way in my view is that hiring people while considering the diversity and a solid continuity/improvement on that matter.

Does the company you want to work for lead by example to the other companies with their culture? Do they define their success with the team they have? Is it just a company that has diversity except for the management? If you start to ask these questions, either you will get the right answers or red flags like the only same group of people is eligible for the positions.

You have to be included and speak about yourself without a doubt in the environment you are working to be productive.

If you're considering moving to a country, it's also good to pay attention to the diversity of influential people in the government of that country.

While the industry is changing massively because of the pandemic, you can drive the change. It’s just a matter of the space that exists in the company, so you can create a change.

One of the things I love in a company is that they can step up and talk about inclusion and diversity when they see it is the most important thing we need to talk about. One of the things about caring for your employees is how you care about your customers. It is also a good sign how companies care about diversity towards their customers. How much percentage of accessibility they achieved on the company website? There are tons of extensions and tools you can just click and check the accessibility. If the products are made for all kinds of people of every age or differences in people, that would be a very good sign.

Finding the right place to work means that you can be productive and be happy in your workplace. Ocean is blue because of the sky is blue and sky is blue because of the ocean is blue. People are the center of success. Success needs you.

Don’t waste your valuable years by believing generic sentences in the job description and don’t forget to search your answers.

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