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Preview Art In Your Home in Augmented Reality for Free (Tutorial)

echo3D offers a quick “upload and view’ feature within its console which means the user simply uploads an asset (or chooses from a library of over 75,000 free assets). Each asset has a link or QR code that they can view to see the asset
in augmented reality. No downloads or coding needed. One of the biggest challenges of buying something online is knowing if the size and aesthetic of it will work with your current situation. Augmented reality offers a realistic solution to this!

In this tutorial, we are going to upload 3 different pieces of art with accurate measurements and see what they look like on the wall.

Scan this QR code or click this link to see this for yourself!


Make sure to register for FREE at echo3D.



  • Save images of the art you are considering buying. Take note of the dimensions. These do not have to be 3D — echo3D will convert it to a 3D object automatically!
  • Go to echo3D console and “Add to Cloud” and upload each image. You can also search in the console for a painting.
  • On each asset, click on the inverted caret to edit the metadata.

  • Convert the dimensions to pixels and edit the Height and Width. We used this converter.

  • Each asset provides a QR code and browser link to view in augmented reality. Choose one and let it load on mobile to see the art! You can resize it and pinch it to move it.


Learn More

Refer to our documentation to learn more about how to use Unity and echo3D.


Feel free to reach out at or join our support channel on Slack. Share yours with us! We’d love to share it. Send it to


Visit our troubleshooting guide here.

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echo3D (; Techstars 19’) is a cloud platform for 3D/AR/VR that provides tools and network infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy 3D apps, games, and content.

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