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How to Use the New echo3D Unity SDK (2022 Tutorial)

Depending on your project size and platform, it can be challenging to update all your assets uniformly. echo3D has made it easy to do this by simply using an API key. Assets are stored on the echo3D cloud and called at runtime so your experience runs smoothly and faster, every time and everywhere.

Here are 2 ways to integrate echo3D into your project. Whether you are integrating echo3D into an existing project or starting from scratch, echo3D has a 3D backend solution for you.




The echo3D Unity SDK is now ready to be used! There are 2 ways to implement it.

Option 1: If you’re integrating echo3D into an existing project

  • Drag the Echo3DHologram.cs script onto the game object that you want to host on the echo3D cloud.

    ![Image description](
  • On the Echo3DHologram.cs script, set the API key and Entry ID from the Inspector.

  • Turn off the Mesh Renderer, or else you will have duplicate 3D objects at runtime. This allows all existing modifications in the Inspector to apply to the echo3D asset.

  • Drag the Echo3DService prefab anywhere into the Hierarchy.

Option 2: If you’re starting a Unity project from scratch

  • Drag both Echo3DHologramand Echo3DService prefabs into the Hierarchy from inside Packages/echo3D Unity SDK/Prefabs
  • On the Echo3DHologram prefab, set the API key and Entry ID from the Inspector.
![Image description](

You have successfully connected the echo3D SDK! To see it in action, press Play in Unity. See below for more tools to manage your 3D asset in Unity.

  • (Optional) Type your Secret Key as the value for the parameter secKey in the file Packages/co.echo3D.unity/Runtime/Echo3DHologram.cs. (Note: Secret Key only matters if you have the Security Key enabled in your echo3D console.)
![Image description](
  • (Optional) To edit the assets live in your project, check the boxes for “Editor Preview” and “Ignore Model Transforms”. At the top of your project, click Echo3D > Load Editor Holograms
![Image description](
![Image description](

Learn More

Refer to our documentation to learn more about how to use Unity and echo3D.


Feel free to reach out at or join our support channel on Slack.


Visit our troubleshooting guide here.

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