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From the field to the dining table, how can 5G, IoT, and AI lead to smart agriculture?

The traceability of agricultural products from the field to the table, these innovations are the epitome of the digital and intelligent transformation of my country's agricultural industry. Not long ago, Dharma Academy released the "Top Ten Technology Trends in 2021", one of which is that agriculture is entering the era of data intelligence.

5G, AI, big data, cloud computing, IoT and other digital technologies have made agricultural crop monitoring, refined breeding and on-demand allocation of environmental resources a reality. Agriculture no longer depends on the sky for food, and we are entering the era of smart agriculture.

According to our country's policy practice, usually the No. 1 Central Document every year is related to the issues of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Then, we also follow this practice and talk about the topic of "smart agriculture" at the beginning of the new year.

For example, Rodney Schilling and his father, a farmer in Illinois, USA, manage about 7,900 acres of farmland. Now, due to his father's retirement, Rodney does all the work in the fields by himself. Even in the busy season, he can completely rely on the farm's large agricultural equipment to complete the harvesting tasks.

The key lies in the high level of automation and intelligence of these agricultural machinery and equipment. The global satellite navigation system and automatic driving system in the cab ensure the efficiency and accuracy of planting, spraying, fertilizing, and harvesting. In this way, Rodney can sit in the cab and only need to occasionally watch the machine running normally, and the way of working is far beyond our imagination of traditional farmers.

This type of precision agriculture, characterized by large-scale and mechanization, has also been implemented in a few major grain-producing areas and large state-owned farms in my country, but it is not suitable for those more diversified and high-value-added melons, fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the types of precision agriculture are also gradually enriched, such as the intensive and high-yield greenhouse planting route, and the ecological plantation with meticulous manual management. Similarly, the connotation of precision agriculture is also enriched. With the application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, precision agriculture is moving towards smart agriculture.

Of course, the concept of "smart agriculture" has richer connotations, richer technical means and more diverse application scenarios. Smart agriculture is not only limited to the management of agricultural planting, but also focuses on the entire agricultural production system, energy utilization, sustainable ecological development, etc., and promotes the entire agricultural system to a higher level of development through advanced information and communication technology.

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