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Ebunoluwa Lydia
Ebunoluwa Lydia

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My experience so far in Tech

I pledge to embrace equality in tech by not discrimating against any gender and be accommodating enough to positively impact as many who has interest in making a space for themselves in the tech world.

My experience so far in the course of learning how to code has been amazing. I've had great people around me who have been interested in my growth and have greatly impacted me, and also encouraged me that I can be a woman of value in the tech world.

One of the biggest obstacles to gender equality in the tech industry is undermining the lengths to which the power of passion and dedication can take a person regardless of the person's gender.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have positively impacted my learning process and I do not feel inferior to other by believing that I can be all that I want to be if I set my heart to it and put in the work.

I will commit to educating myself about frontend development and also how to make a space for myself in the tech world and be a woman of value.

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