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Discussion on: What's Your Fav. Dev Laptop? Why?

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Avichay Eyal

Macbook pro 15" 2015.
Why not buy newer? The crappy keyboard.

The 2015 macbooks have awesome keyboard, years of great battery life, 16gb RAM and (surprisingly) 256Gb disk is fair enough for dev.

I'm mostly frontend dev but also running local environments with virtual machines and i feel near-zero lags.

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Dominik Mack

The new MacBook Pro 16" fixes the crappy Keyboard Problems. So if you want to update, now you're free to go. :)

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You are free to go? It's $2400.😅...

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Great laptop to begin with. However Apple just revealed the new 16' macbook pro with a scissors style keyboard and as they say is just perfect. I am thinking to replace my 2016 13' macbook Pro.

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Niko Heikkilä

Macbook Pro (even with the butterfly keyboard) has been my go-to choice for dev laptop. I'm getting the 16-inch version with a new keyboard soon so I'm fascinated to test it.

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Niko, It would be nice to hear about your experience.

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Niko Heikkilä

The new keyboard is a very good reason to upgrade. My only complaint so far with the new keyboard is its Touch Bar occasionally going blank. A reboot fixes it though, so probably not a hardware fault.

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Carlos Trapet

I don't know, I kinda like the butterfly keyboard and the laptop in general.
I used to hate Mac until I bought the 2017 MacBook Pro and I fell in love with it.