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I'm looking for folks to try out and provide feedback on our Python API client, apiron. You can read about the impetus and see the code in the links below!

ithaka / apiron

:fried_egg: apiron is a Python package that helps you cook a tasty client for RESTful APIs. Just don't wash it with SOAP.


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apiron helps you cook a tasty client for RESTful APIs. Just don't wash it with SOAP.

Pie in a cast iron skillet

Gathering data from multiple services has become a ubiquitous task for web application developers The complexity can grow quickly calling an API endpoint with multiple parameter sets calling multiple API endpoints, calling multiple endpoints in multiple APIs. While the business logic can get hairy, the code to interact with those APIs doesn't have to.

apiron provides declarative, structured configuration of services and endpoints with a unified interface for interacting with them.

Defining a service

A service definition requires a domain and one or more endpoints with which to interact:

from apiron.service.base import Service
from apiron.endpoint import JsonEndpoint

class GitHub(Service):
    domain = 'https://api.github.com'
    user = JsonEndpoint(path='/users/{username}')
    repo = JsonEndpoint(path='/repos/{org}/{repo}')

Interacting with a service


Just don't wash it with SOAP.

I'm dead! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


You're the first person to appreciate our terrible puns 😄

Couldn't contain myself! Well played, sir, well played. :-)

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