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My Blogging Journey

The Backstory

It's been 84 years, my journey was not even on or any blogging platform. I had developed my own blog which is deployed on Netlify. The site is available as of today. I built it with HUGO, a static site generator and made CSS by my own.
Before, I made this blog with Astro which is a islands-architecture framework which ships no JavaScript in build time. I had got fun building it and shared it towards my parents. Well, you know about me, I am wildy inconsistent and It just had only 1 post.

Being Inconsistent

This is after when I built my blog with HUGO.

During those days, I was wildly inconsistent towards blogging and remade my blog 3 separate times for no reason. It is a dead site with barely 2 posts on it.

Joining Hashnode

So, I joined Hashnode on this month. This platform claims that it has many features than its competitors. I started writing on Hashnode. So, as of now my first post on Hashnode is 19 views.

Started writing in Hashnode

I had got confidence in writing blog articles on Hashnode. I have posting the blog articles consistent and I got like 39 views in my first day. The rise of my blog didn't last long. Less views are creeping into the blog day-by-day. I have taken a break on Hashnode. So, This is why I started
blogging on

Blogging in

So, I started blogging in and I just posted one of my posts from my Hashnode Blog. Then It got 35 views. I ignored as I barely did not had faith in me that I can get an audiance. I stuck at Hashnode with a Rise and Fall of my blog. A few days later, I checked and I saw that someone reacted on my blog article. So, I got regained composure over this Rise and Fall and I have started posting here.

Which Do I Prefer

I do like both platforms having a friendly community. I prefer both of them if I wanted to start making money. But, I got an idea to stick with either with these two blogging platforms. So, If you check them out, see it or not and stick to my blog article reading my entire blogging from beginning to intermission. Later, in this blog, I will show you my analytics of my Hashnode Blog and Blog.

My Opinions

I am gonna start giving opinions and features that I like on Hashnode.

Hashnode Rich and Markdown Editor

Hashnode offers a rich text editor and a markdown editor. These are well made editors and easy to understanding editors. It has many things to add into your post. From Table of Contents to Adding Cover to the blog article from Unsplash or upload your own. I wish could support image from Unsplash and support .webp images.

Hashnode Newsletters and Sponsors

Personally, I have never tried these features by myself, but it is interesting that newsletter for your blog and sponsors in just one platform is cool😎 than managing these services by your own using services like Mailchimp, Buy me a Coffee etc.

CSS Customization to your blog

Hashnode is a blog powered by Next.js and its beautiful UI styled with TailwindCSS (both technologies which I am fond of). You can customize it as your preference and Hashnode has some do's and dont's for the CSS customization. I have made it as a black and green color scheme.

Now, these are my opinions on

Having a large community is a popular blogging platform where users can post any articles related to programming from Assembly to Zig. If you can have great skills at writing blog articles in this platform, you may be able to gain a small circle of audience.


This is the analytics for my Hashnode Blog.

Hashnode Sep 2023

This is the analytics for my blog in Sep 2023


Thank you for reaching up to this part. I hope you get useful information from my blog articles. All always, Happy coding!😄

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Dumebi Okolo

Did you say 84 years? 😄