Discussion on: What's your dev machine setup? (hardware, OS, accessories, etc.)

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ken mcfadden

I have an iMac desktop, but my laptops are in order of programming preference:

Thinkpad t420s with Fedora 28(great keyboard and weight) SSD

Thinkpad W500 with Fedora 28(monster but great screen size) upgraded to SSD

Dell XPS M1330(with Ubuntu...don't use really but beautiful LED screen)

I like vintage machines. I am more concerned with the keyboard and screen than the CPU. And I steer away from nVidia because of past linux driver problems.

IDE's are Rubymine/Webstorm, Atom, VS code. All in VIM mode.

sublime is the fastest but hardest to configure IMO so don't use much.

I used to be an ubuntu man, but switched to Fedora with GNOME. I really prefer the GNOME interface.

I don't like MAC anymore....to much updating going on.

Addendum: Main motivation for old machines. Cost.

T420s ($135 with shipping ebay)

W500($100 + $19 shipping) plus $62 to upgrade to 256 SSD.

If one breaks...pick up another.

Use the savings for a Fender guitar or something more fun.