re: Why I Switched From Visual Studio Code To JetBrains WebStorm VIEW POST


I can use vscode to see unused variables and methods using typescript just fine.


Great, but I never use Typescript, so it's useless for me.


For me, ES6 and TypeScript work just fine. as of (1.31.1) in VSCode. I'm not sure about ES5, but ES6+ works. I have used both VSCode and Webstorm, as well as others, and I always encourage people to keep using different ones in your day-to-day work, even if you have a preference. Because VSCode will not always be king, Webstorm will not always be king. I simply prefer VSCode over Webstorm for now mostly due to the weight of each application. VSCode is much lighter and takes up far fewer system resources. That's simply my $0.02

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